Appendix Carry good or bad idea for an active job...

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Appendix Carry good or bad idea for an active job...

Postby Broad Shoulders » Fri Jul 29, 2016 1:21 am

I drive a wrecker mainly in Chicago and often in the suburbs towing semis. It can be fairly active with lots of an and out of the truck, crawling on the ground on my belly and back to hook chains, pull shafts, hooking, chains, air lines, and light cords. I am about begin carrying, and concerned about my shirt lifting and exposing in back while all the up and down. I have lost 30+ lbs in the past few months so my uniform shirt isn't tight. Has anyone had personal experience with this?
I bought my Bodyguard because of my concerns with this. I had originally purchased a XDGMod 2 in 9, it's my 1st choice because I have really large hands, and with the extended magazine it fits my hands better.
I have a concealment express IWB holster, and an Alien Gear IWB 3.0 on the way.
There is always the option of leaving it in the truck when going to be active but that defeats the purpose right?
Mostly I'm in the roughest neighborhoods in the City.
I appreciate all of your input and advise,
Thank you for your time
Peace be with You...
Broad Shoulders
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Re: Appendix Carry good or bad idea for an active job...

Postby Luckysonofagun » Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:06 am

I have an alien gear iwb for my .380 bg and it works well. mostly I carry body guard in front pocket in a Remora, but am not driving a vehicle all day long. I think you made a good choice with the bodyguard and hope you never need it. I carry with safety off and one in the chamber. it is the safest [least dangerous] semi-auto available in my opinion, along with the Sig P290rs [same action...DAO]. if I were driving all day long I would look at a crossdraw IWB holster. Good luck
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Re: Appendix Carry good or bad idea for an active job...

Postby 6strings » Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:13 pm

I carry appendix with a kusiak leather holster every day i can , it`s slim , easy to position , easy to draw from / re-holster and it retains well . I`m not slim by any means and i find this holster comfortable in a slightly canted position tucked inside the waistband around my first belt loop above my pocket , i can sit , drive , lean over easily for the most part , but havent tried crawling or laying on the ground yet . i dont have any trouble with wearing it in my regular size jeans unless i stop for a bite to eat and get a little too full , then it`s uncomfortable to do anything but stand . I do wear a good stiff belt that i got from Daltech Force , if you dont already have a good belt check them out .Good luck and i hope this helps !!
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